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Parad Shankh(Mercury Conch)

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Parad Shankh(Mercury Conch)

1.       Parad Shankh is among the one element of Navnidhi of lord Kuber and is essential while performing any pooja, ceremony or spiritual and Vedic function.

2.       Both Laxmi and Vishnu love it and keep this in their hands. Goddess Durga too holds it in her hand.

3.       Lord Krishna reverberated the whole world by blowing a conch during Mahabharata.

4.       So, wherever there is a conch Goddess Durga, Laxmi and Vishnu reside at that place.

5.       Parad Shankh should be kept in every house for attaining peace of mind. It also enhances the growth in business.


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