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Rudraksha Mala

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Rudraksha Mala

It has been mentioned in different classics that a rosary (Mala) of pure beads of Rudraksha is very useful and benefits would go on increasing with the number of Rudrakshas one is wearing. Rudraksha rosary is made of 5 faced Rudrakshas. The bigger beads of this rosary make it look more attractive. It is very much effective and can be used in all kinds of rituals while worshipping gods, goddesses or nine planets. If any particular rosary is not available Rudraksha rosary can be used without botheration in any good work.


1.      This Rudraksha Rosary can be worn to get rid of problems like blood pressure, mood swings etc.

2.      Rudraksha has healing powers.

3.      The person who wears Rudraksha gets freedom from all kinds of sufferings and sins.

4.      It heals the wearer mentally & physically.

5.      By wearing it while sitting in Puja the mind remains focused in meditation.

6.      It is useful in the development of one's intellectual faculties.

7.      It brings benefits in business and trade.


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