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Sphatik (Crystal) is related to Venus. It is a Semiprecious jewel and found easily. It is transparent and looks like glass. Crystal rosary is useful not only for health but also for those who do intellectual work and have interest in spiritual activities.

If a rosary of crystal worn on

1.      Monday renders peace of mind to the person and he does not suffer from headache.

2.      Saturday saves the person from blood related diseases.


1.      Sphatik protect from negative vibrations

2.      It  harmonizes the aura around us.

3.      It makes your mind calm, reduces stress and enhances study concentration.

4.      A crystal rosary put on the naval of a person suffering from high fever, brings down the temperature.

5.      It  gives peace of mind and coolness of body.

6.      Wearing a crystal mala ensures a sound and undisturbed sleep.

7.      Mantras of goddess Durga & Goddess Laxmi are recited on this Rosary.


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