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Crystal and Rudraksha Mixed Mala

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Crystal and Rudraksha Mixed Mala

Introduction: It looks like glass. Crystal is a form of silicon oxide. It is very attractive and it has many qualities. The effect of a rosary gets enhanced if it is made of Rudraksha and crystal.This may be of 27, 54 or 108 beads. It is used to perform Jap and in ritual activities.


1.      It renders prosperity to the family of the person who wears it and his enemy gets annihilated.

2.      Wearing this rosary can save the person from cough, ailment caused by disorder of the wind within the system, fever and an incubus.

3.      Performing Jap of Shiva Panchaakshari Mantra with this rosary proves to be useful and renders prosperity to the person.

4.      A man, who wears it, can have peace of mind and it can subside his anger.

5.      The rosary saves the person from disorder in sleep and from eye problem.


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