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Aakarshan Yantra

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Aakarshan Yantra

Aakarshan Yantra should be installed and woshipped for attracting people in your life. This Yantra has tremendous power for attraction and it highly increases the positive aura around the worshipper so that all those people who are around him / her start liking him / her and feeling good about him / her. This Yantra acts as a powerful talisman which can increase the personal charm of the wearer so that he / she becomes a center of attraction and a likeable person by those who are all around him / her. This Yantra is also said to be very effective in bringing Love & Attraction in a person's life and it is capable of attracting people of opposite sex towards him / her. This Yantra enhances the power of Love & Affection by increasing the energy of mind waves so that they are capable of affecting positively on all the people around him / her. This Yantra can be used to bring back the lost love in your life or for attracting / drawing someone in your life with whom you want to spend your life. It can also be used for attraction and drawing someone in your life.

How to Use : Akarsham Yantra should be established on Friday in the night by bathing it with ganga water or milk/yoghurt and worshipping with incense and lamps. The yantra should be established on a red cloth.

Presiding Diety : Planet Venus 
Day to Establish : Friday
Direction for placing this Yantra : South East

Mantra : "ॐ ह्रीं आकर्षिणी देव्यै नमः I  


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