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Ganesh Yantra

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Ganesh Yantra

Ganesha is given the foremost privilege in all the divine rituals of being invoked first. Ganesha is the fundamental God of wisdom who removes all the obstacles that stand in your way of success. Obstacles are things we do not foresee and thus cannot plan for. Offering prayers to Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles is a customary practice before undertaking any task. This ensures a project moves forward successfully. To remove obstacles and negative forces that prevent your spiritual and material progress, this Yantra comes handy.
The Ganesha Yantra is a sacred energy device that infuses within you the power to focus and accomplish your goals. The radiations from the Yantra will enhance your positive spirits and stimulate your confidence level to succeed in all your efforts.

Ganesha Yantra adds glory to the lives of:

1.       People who desire projects to go smoothly.

2.       People who want to live a hurdle or obstacle free life.

3.       Business holders who yearn to flourish in their trade.

4.       Students who crave to score well in examinations.

5.       Couples who seek a trouble free and happy life span.

How to Use : This yantra is established at home on Tuesday, Wednesday or on Ganesh Chaturthi in the morning by bathing it by gangajal mixed with turmeric, putting chandan, roli on it and worshiping by dhoop (sandalwood powder) and deep (lamp). You can offer fresh or dry fruits as Prasad.

Mantra: गं गणपतये नमः


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