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Kamala Yantra

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Kamala Yantra (For lot of Wealth)

Goddess Maa Kamala maintains the tenth significant position among all the ten Dus Mahavidya's. She is seated on a lotus which symbolizes purity. Mata Kamala is a pleasing young woman with a lustrous complexion, delighting the senses, exciting intellectual and emotional admiration. Goddess Kamala has four hands with lotus flowers in her two hands and her two remaining hands are in the posture of giving boons and blessings. She has a crown on her head and wears silken apparel. Four elephants as white as the snow of Himalayas encircle her, carrying vessels containing gold in their trunks.


1.       Kamala Maa is the goddess of prosperity, purity and generosity.

2.       Goddess Kamala is Lord Vishnu's energy existing in bodily form and accompany him in all his divine activities.

3.       Her sadhana in reality is the worship of Shakti (Power) the root cause of the existence of this world. Her worship gives triumph, magnificent quality, wealth etc.

4.       Maa Kamala like Mata Lakshmi is a goddess of fame, fortune, riches, material well being, fertility and conception of children.

5.       She eradicates, poverty debts, tension and disease.

6.       For bringing improvement in one’s business this Yantra can really prove beneficial.

7.       This can be worshipped for giving power to planet Venus.

Mantra: “ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं हसौः जगत्प्रसूत्यै नमः” I 


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