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Ashtadhatu SriYantra

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Ashtadhatu SriYantra

Shree Yantra is regarded as an identical form of Goddess Laxmi. Sriyantra formulated in the Pyramids and in the Indian temples assuredly channelise the bio energy continuously.


1.      Energized Sri yantra with cosmic power in the place of worship helps to protect the home

2.      It corrects the aura of an individual.

3.      Cleans a place from unwanted energy interference.

4.      Wards off evil and negativity.

5.      Corrects Vastu defects.

6.      Increases happiness and contentment.

7.      Helps one reach one's goal in life.

8.      Brings the benefits of visits to several holy temples.

9.      Proper flow of energy is ensured



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