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Closed Pyramid

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Closed Pyramid (small, medium, large, extra large)

Introduction: Pyramids have the power to re-energize scattered particles of a material. Due to triangular shape, pyramids catch and accumulate universal energy.


1.      Pyramids maintain order.

2.      The Vastu faults are also removed by pyramids.

3.      Render good health, peace of mind and prosperity.

4.      It increases physical, mental and intellectual powers.

5.      Wards off evil and negativity.

6.      Corrects Vastu defects.

7.      Increases happiness and contentment.

8.      Its very presence itself is beneficial.

How to Use

1.      Pyramids can be kept at home, commercial place, automobiles etc.

2.      A place where pyramid is established will be free of destruction and separation. 


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