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Tortoise Pyramid

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Tortoise Pyramid

This Pyramid Sriyantra is made on the back of a tortoise. Sriyantra symbolizes Goddess Laxmi and tortoise symbolizes long life. The pyramid multiplies the positive energy. Therefore with the impact of tortoise pyramid the inflow of positive energies with their longer stay at a specific place can be assured.


1.      It revitalizes our immune system.

2.      Brings the blessings of Gods.

3.      Enhances longevity.

4.      Generates new sources of income.

5.      Increases physical strength.

6.      Enhances patience.

7.      Brings wealth, comforts and good health.

How to Use

1.      It can be kept at home, bedroom, near a sick person, office or at temples.

2.      Preferably the mouth of tortoise should face the face of user.


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