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Parad(Mercury) Hanumaan

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Parad(Mercury) Hanumaan

1.      In modern times, Hanumaan is considered most favourite deity.

2.       Parad Hanumaan can be worshipped for attaining power, dominance and prosperity.

3.       When Mars is badly placed in one's chart Parad Hanuman can be worshipped for getting power, authority and vigour.

4.       One should remain absolutely pious, clean, pure and follow strict principles of asceticism and self control during worshipping of Hanuman.

5.       Worship of this Parad Hanuman can give quick results.

6.       This can be used to eradicate the fear of spirits, snakes or animals.

7.       This can be recommended for patients in grave pain and also for improving health.

8.       Meditating of this idol infuses one with a strong will, brave heart and the courage to overcome all odds. It is believed that the house which is devoid of children gets blessed with children if Lord Hanuman is worshipped daily in that house.

9.       Prayers of Parad Hanuman is considered most effective for accomplishment of all tasks and for getting protection from all sorts of dangers

10.   This idol can be worshipped to overcome your troubles and to make one fearless, bold, powerful and victorious.

मन्त्र: हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हुम् फट् स्वाहा I 


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